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    ezy Survey products

    Our survey products 

    Product name Description Survey Demands
    Middle and large Enterprise Customers please click here
    Advanced survey features and power for business professionals
    Basic survey features for a cost effective solution
    One product fits all. Looking for a package that can adapt to your business needs & budget limitations? The ezyFlex package is the solution you need
    Web Site Visitor Feedback: a specialized survey for companies who care of what people think of their site
    Mobile survey for data collection "on the go" with a handheld device
    Data Collection survey for "one-off" collection of data

    All of our products can be combined with our Professional Survey Services. These services can vary from expert advising, to building a custom software feedback solution for your organization (e.g. integration of your CRM application with your ezysurvey account).
    For more information please click here.

    ezySurvey.com provides Enterprise Feedback Management services to its Corporate Customers: a complete suite of advanced survey services from start to finish especially designed for large enterprises with geographically distributed offices or branches.

    ezySurvey Professional is a powerful survey software that balances perfectly well the "cost / benefit" factor. This product includes all the advanced features of ezysurvey like data validation, multi lingual surveys, team work and project collaboration, filtering and real time analysis.

    euro (1K)   Pricing: from 29,98 euros / month
    white_paper (1K)  ezysurvey Professional white paper

    ezySurvey Basic is ideal for organizations that do not have critical needs on collecting large amounts of responses and analyzing feedback results.

    euro (1K)   Pricing: from 11,67 euros / month (for 1 survey, 400 responses, 1 language, 1 user)
    white_paper (1K)  ezysurvey Basic white paper

    ezyFlex is a "build to order" survey solution. This package lets your organization decide what features to include. Pay only what you need today with ezyflex.

    ezySurvey Web Site Visitor Feedback
    Web Site Visitor Feedback is a flexible survey solution that collects feedback from the visitors of a web site.

    Mobile Survey
    ezySurvey Mobile Survey enables survey publishing and “on the go” response collection by using a mobile device such as handheld devices that run Windows CE and Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. Now any PocketPC, PocketPC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 device can host ezySurvey Mobile surveys for “on-site” data collection.

    Data Collection
    ezySurvey Data Collection Survey helps enterprises to collect data fast and easy. The set up of questions is made from ezySurvey.com for maximum convenience. Data collected via this method are delivered in any chosen format for immediate use (e.g. Microsoft Excel list, XML, Oracle, SQL Server..)

    Affiliate Program
     Do you know a company (or many) that may be in need of ezysurvey.com products and / or services? Help it learn about us and earn a reward for yourself. Click here to learn more about ezySurvey's "Help and Earn" Program

    Products & Services
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     integration with ERP, CRM, HR and other third-party applications
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