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    ezySurvey for the Hospitality industry

    What your customers think about your hotel during their stay? How do customers perceive your service when they hold meetings, conferences or events at your hotel?

    Find out what your guests are thinking about your hotel before they share it with the world!

    ezysurvey is a hotel feedback management system (packed by extensive online survey expertise) you need to setup an impressive feedback mechanism than will drive service improvement and that will increase levels of recommendation and referral.

    ezySurvey's questionnaire can be amended to suit your hotel's profile, allowing you to probe the areas that matter most and identify strengths and weaknesses.

    An online survey is sent to guests during or following their stay ( what's this?). Hotel Customers can also respond to your hotel's questionnaire, electronically via your web site ( see how).

    You can even collect live feedback from your customers immediately after the time of service, e.g. after their meal at the restaurant, or the completion of the conference they had in your hotel by utilizing ezysurvey's mobile surveys ( read more).

    As soon as the customer submits their ratings, the ezysurvey reporting system allows management team to view a "scorecard" covering all aspects of a hotel guest's experience. In addition to this the ezysurvey advanced reports allow management to study trends and establish the relationship between their performance in each aspect of service and the subsequent likelihood of guests to become "promoters" or "detractors".

    A guest comment finder allows deeper analysis into the reasons given for high or low scores.

    Learn more about ezysurvey for hotels by following the links below:

     Watch the welcome video "ezySurvey: the Questions & Answers Tool" (Windows Media Video)

     Use ezySurvey in order to send personal email invitations to a panel (e.g. your Hotel guests). Click below to learn about the USEAC system of ezySurvey (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

     Learn how you can use ezySurvey.com in order to collect your Customers' feedback via your web site (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

     View the brochure of ezySurvey Mobile Survey in order to learn how you can use mobile devices (PDAs and Tablets) for surveying customer's immediately after the time of service (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

     Gauge the effectiveness of your web site and improve your online presence. View the ezySurvey.com Web Site Visitor Feedback brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

    Affiliate Program
     Do you know a company (or many) that may be in need of ezysurvey.com products and / or services? Help it learn about us and earn a reward for yourself. Click here to learn more about ezySurvey's "Help and Earn" Program

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