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    ezysurvey.com is an information company with the mission to help its customers reach and maintain their full potential.

    Our customers rely on ezysurvey's solutions to identify opportunities, improve products & services, understand relationships and improve overall business growth.

    ezysurvey products and services help businesses ezy-ily acquire the feedback needed to get informed decisions on critical matters like customer satisfaction and market research.

    Our user-friendly, web-based survey system utilizes the power of the internet to achive results in a much more cost effective and less time consuming way.

    What is more, ezysurvey's "Software Development Team" can build for your enterprise any custom software solution around ezysurvey's services.

    In today's highly competitive world there is no room for inefficiencies of any kind.

    Many organizations throughout the world rely on Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) as the key system of getting feedback on "what is going on now" in order to learn on time what changes need to be done in their business practices, products and services. The ultimate aim is to adapt, and therefore, to stay competitive.

    An EFM system helps organizations understanding their present internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, market...) environment.

    An EFM system achieves this by collecting and analyzing feedback from customers, potential customers, suppliers, employees or any other kind of audience that makes sense to the organization.

    An EFM system gauges the efficiency of internal / external processes, other business systems and even business strategies. By measuring all these, an EFM system can provide on time answers about "what we have to do in order to stay and become even more efficient".

    For organizations, obtaining and analyzing customer feedback is critical to improve customer loyalty the number one reason for sustainable sales. For retailers and distributors, the quality of customer satisfaction affects future growth. In the economy of the Information Age, companies that invest in measuring, tracking, analyzing and improving customer satisfaction levels, are predictably rewarded with loyal, repeat customers.

    ezySurvey.com EFM Solutions is the easiest Enterprise Feedback Management Tool available that provides centralized control over the entire survey process. Because of its cutting edge technology and modern architecture, ezysurvey.com is the ideal solution for world wide distributed organizations.

    ezySurvey.com provides a shared enterprise environment where professionals in HR, marketing, sales, training, and customer service can produce-manage surveys, engage others to collaborate on survey projects, interview audiences, get and analyze the results.

    ezysurvey_efm_model (25K)

    All this is being done through a simplified, web-based interface that any simple computer user can understand and use with the minimum of effort.

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